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What is an Implant ?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. These are small titanium screws that integrate with the jawbone, becoming the foundation for new replacement teeth.
Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.
Implant simulates natural tooth :
You can laugh and eat with confidence with teeth that are securely held in place by dental implants.
Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth.
Treatment with dental implants is a safe, reliable and well-proven solution for permanently replacing one or more missing teeth.
Millions of people around the world have received dental implants as a long-term solution for renewed quality of life.
We Consult and Treat You Like A Trusted Family Doctor :
Dental Tress trained implantologist offers you aesthetically beautiful and medically safe advanced solution to replace missing teeth.
We’ll give you ample time to express your wishes and concerns.
We’ll be transparent and honest with what we can achieve from a dental and technical point of view.
We’ll meticulously access, plan, and design the Smile makeover with best equipments.
We’ll advice on the best options available and help you choose the one that best suits you, your teeth and your lifestyle.
We’ll understand your budget and help you make the best investment possible.
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Dental Implant - The Next Best Thing To Your Natural Tooth
If you find yourself avoiding family and friends, photos with a full smile, first impressions, savoring food you love and feel troubled because of a missing tooth, our unique dental implant techniques and international standard implants offer the solution you have been searching for.

Advantages of Dental Implants
Improves Your Overall Quality of Life :
Dental implants allow both your smile and mouth function to be more natural, resulting in increased comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating.
Restores Your Mouth’s Most Natural State :
Closest thing to natural teeth. When the entire tooth – including the root – is replaced, your smile will feel and function like natural teeth.
Dramatic improvement in overall comfort :
We can replace your missing or failing teeth with new, beautiful implant-supported restorations. Dramatic improvement in chewing ability, teeth stability and overall comfort.
Restore Self-Esteem :
Dental implants help you feel better about yourself because they allow you to eat, laugh and smile without reservations, and be pain-free and worry-free.
Eliminate Health Issues Common with Failing Teeth :
Dental implants help create a healthier mouth and help reduce periodontal disease, a bacterially-induced chronic infection and inflammatory disease.
Easy care of your teeth :
Caring for an implant-supported crown is the same as caring for natural teeth. Simply brush and floss every day, and visit us for regular cleanings, maintenance and checkups.
Important things You Want to Know
How much does an implant cost ?
The cost of your treatment depends on the procedure(s) you will undergo. Some of the factors that influence the cost are:
1. The number of implants needed.
2. The type of replacement teeth desired.
3. Additional procedures that may be necessary to enhance the look and feel of your facial expressions.
Show long will an implant last ?
By using high-quality dental implants and components, your new tooth/teeth should last your lifetime.
Is the implant procedure painful ?
Since dental implants are usually inserted under local anesthesia, you should not feel anything during the procedure.
Are there age restrictions for receiving implants ?
In principle, dental implants are suited for adult patients of almost any age. Implants are not for use on children or growing adolescents as implants would interfere with the growth of the jaw.
Can I be allergic to dental implants?
Titanium allergy is very rare. You should discuss all allergies and medical conditions with your dentist.
Are there quality differences between dental implant brands ?
Dental implants range from low to very high quality. Factors that can impact quality include implant design, surface and shape.
Can I chew and eat normally with my new tooth/teeth ?
With your new implant-supported tooth/teeth, you will be able to eat, speak and smile with the utmost confidence, knowing they are strong and secure.
Sophisticated World class equipments
Laser device :
ensures minimal pain, minimal bleeding, minimal discomfort and faster wound healing, lesser post operative pain and better results.
Digital radiograph :
for utmost patient comfort .
Sandblaster :
to increase prosthesis retention.
Semi adjustable articulator and face bow :
for highly accurate tooth replacement, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Global standard protocols for complete sterilization

Superior Intraoral camera :
for better visualization, diagnosis and treatment planning.
Superior quality dental implants :
Caring for an implant-supported crown is the same as caring for natural teeth. Simply brush and floss every day, and visit us for regular cleanings, maintenance and checkups.
Dedicated Network of dental specialists :
A team of dental experts in various fields of dentistry is associated with DentalTree for specialized cases.
Absolute Adherence to global standards :
High standards for clinical hygiene and safety, as set by the Indian Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Different Types of Dental Implant
Our team of experts advice the best treatment options and ensure high level of patient satisfaction in terms of esthetics, phonetics, and functionality.
1.Single tooth replacement by Implant.
2.Multiple teeth replacement by Implant.
3.Fixed Implant Prosthesis.
4.Removable Implant Prosthesis.